TGC Action Sports​

Indoor Set-up

                                                ​We also can do inside performances. One of our indoor set-ups is a 3 ft. tall, 6 ft. wide, adjustable gap jump. Most indoor ares are smaller so the adjustable gap jump is key for quickly being able to adapt to what room we have. 

7 ft. Tall 1/4 Pipe

We have a legendary 1/4 pipe that has been across the country, it was part of the GT air show in the 90s which was seen by literally hundreds of thousands of people

1/4 Pipe and Box Jump Set-Up

Our 1/4 pipe and box jump set up is one of the best in the business. It can be set up many different ways to create a unique show. 7 ft. tall 1/4 pipe with a 5 ft tall box jump that can be ridden at 4 ft. long or 8 ft long. Having the adjustable box jump makes it easier to fit in and perform in smaller spaces when needed.

Dirt Set-Ups

                                           We can also build dirt jump set-ups. Good for rodeos, motocross events, or any event where there is dirt track type of area. Dirt set-ups can be anything from 3 ft. tall to 7 ft tall for an ultimate show.