From school assemblies to birthday parties, we do it all!! TGC Action Sports specializes in putting on the best PROFESSIONAL BMX show you can find. Dont be fooled by companies that have been in business 20 years and still using the same out of date riders, with out of date tricks. TGC Action Sports uses currently competing, Professional BMX riders that have all the newest and up to date tricks that the kids see on TV. All shows will include more than 1 Backflip, a backflip variation, plenty of 360s, tailwhips, and much more.  TGC Action Sports also uses a full time announcer, other companies like to have the riders announce during the show which  leads to less riding action and an announcer that is out of breathe from doing 2 jobs at once. 

During all shows we promote wearing safety gear, and being safe while riding. We also encourage kids to work hard and stay committed to whatever they choose to do in life. Another thing BMX is great for that we talk about, is that everyone in our sport is friends and pushes each other to be the best they can be. Its less about competition and more about participation. Call and book today, get a great show and a great message for the kids. 

TGC Action Sports​